Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Spreading your private practice through Google has never been easier.
At the forefront of any digital marketing campaign is search engine marketing and Pay-Per-Click advertisement. Via our elite Search Engine
Marketing (SEM) service, we offer an array of methods catered to increasing your website’s visibility on a search engine results page (SERP). By
doing so, our mission is to increase your traffic and foster an image of trust and credibility amongst your patients.


SEM allows us to track a wide range of prospective patient data, making it easier to identify what is effective and what is ineffective in order to maximize your return on investment.


You can make sure your ads appear only for prospective patients with certain traits, including those within a particular location, those using a mobile device, those browsing during a particular time of day.

Dynamic Search

Even if you allocate a small part of your budget to your online doctor ad, it will still be amongst high search rankings as long as the content on the directed page is premium and relevant.


SEM allows you flexibility in adjusting your messaging. You can alter your marketing strategy in real-time while it is live in the market, something which cannot be achieved with traditional marketing.

Our Lethal SEM Formulas


Our strategic PPC placement targets your potential patients to bring you accurate and maximum exposure for your healthcare services.


We use one of the most convenient digital advertising tools on the internet to ensure that your PPC strategy is correctly executed.


Our SEM team finds the most effective keywords for your campaign, allowing you to drive optimum traffic to your site.


Our SEM team does not rest until we determine the perfect audience
(your prospective patients) and demographics to target for your practice.

Guaranteed Results

Our SEM guarantees a standard amount of traffic to your website,
from which we build on. Your exposure is maximized through our
premium content writing which we apply to the digital advertisements
we design for your healthcare practice.

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Optimum Speed

Our results are produced faster than you can blink. There
are no long-term commitments as we give you the freedom
to start and end our marketing campaign at any time. This
enables you to boost your presence whenever you are
facing a shortage of patients, and then pause your campaign
when the pace picks back up.

Detailed Statistics

Your return on investment is proven through our advanced analytics.
We track visitors to your site, share conversion rates, determine what
time of day your related search terms are most input into a search
engine (i.e. on-call doctors near me), which of your practice’s key
features appeal most to your target patients, etc.

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SEO Support

The research behind our search engine marketing is accompanied
by additional perks. We can mine effective keyword phrases for
search engine optimization. This alongside our regular SEO
practices further fuels your online traffic and brings patients into
your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manage my own advertising campaign?

You can definitely manage your own advertising campaign. However without the help of an expert, the results will not be worth the time and effort it costs you.

How much does it cost?

We utilize Google AdWords for our campaigns, and this includes two different fees. One is paid to Google directly from your credit card per every click your advertisement gets, and the other is paid to our SEM team for strategically optimizing your digital advertising campaign.

Can my competitors click my ads?

Google uses intelligent programs to detect fraud and monitor strange click activity from recurring IP addresses. If fraudulent clicks do take place, the cost you incur for each click is refunded.

How long will it take me to see results?

Using analytics programmed to observe what your target audience does on your website, we can determine the number of leads your campaign generates, its rate of conversion and cost per lead. The analysis of this data serves as an evaluation of your SEM campaign performance and your ROI.

How long will it take me to see results?

Once we activate your campaign, Google usually displays it within a few hours.